Top 10 Christmas Train Sets for Under The Tree in 2021

Christmas Train Sets

This post was updated in October of 2021 to include some great new Christmas train sets to help update your setup!  We’re not really sure HOW Christmas train sets under the tree got started, but we’re all for it! As a kid, nothing really beats the magic of Christmas morning, opening presents and spending time … Read more

Plaster Cloth For Model Train Layouts: What, Why and How!

plaster cloth model trains

When you think of model trains, picture-perfect sceneries are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, there is a whole world of hobbyists out there who don’t just run their trains around in circles; they spend hours making sure that their sets look great too!  One way these people make their sets … Read more

American Flyer Trains – The Hobbyists Model Train

American Flyer Train

If you are a model train collector, or passionate about them, then you’ve probably heard of the American Flyer Trains. These model trains are an exceptional collectible for any model train enthusiast. But what exactly are they? And should you even care? Let’s find out! The American Flyer Vintage trains are one of the best … Read more

How to Make a Train Table for Model Trains

model train table

Model trains look best when they’re sprawled out over an awesome landscape! These design pieces for model trains tend to be special. That’s why knowing how to build a train table is such a good idea! Although you have the option of buying ready-made model train tables, they often don’t comply with the layout design … Read more