Model Train Inclines and Going Uphill

Every modeler out there loves the idea of putting an incline on their layouts. Bridges, viaducts, and hills are a few of the most challenging and fascinating formations to build. Nothing looks better than your locomotive pulling some cargo up a spiraling mountain. It also increases the level of difficulty of operating a layout with … Read more

Model Railway Layout Planner and Database

Though model railway layouts were initiated for working purposes by the architects, it has now reached out to many people of different ages in many ways. Railway modeling itself has turned into a hobby of many nowadays. It involves reducing the scale of any railway system. The size of the model layout can vary. It’s … Read more

3D Printed Model Trains

The impact and growth of 3D printing have spanned many industries, such as manufacturing, aviation, and health. It’s also become increasingly prevalent for your everyday DIY home hobbyists. Here we’re going to explore the endless possibilities for 3D printers in railway models. What is 3D Printing? 3D printing or additive manufacturing is the process of … Read more

Model Trains Shows and Displays

If you’re looking for a model train show, I’m sure you’re a fan already. If you’ve stumbled onto this page by accident, take a look at our model train guide instead! It’ll get you up to speed before you visit one of these incredible shows. Here, we are going to talk about displays and shows … Read more

Can model train tracks shock you?

Short answer at the top for those wondering; probably not! The locomotive body of model trains and the tracks that they go around on are generally manufactured out of plastic. However, for some intricate detailing and scale model accuracy, conductive metals like copper or brass are sometimes used. Stainless steel is sometimes used for sturdy … Read more

The Best Model Train Books

Its not big shock that we like model trains here. And as much as we love writing about them on a digital blog, sometimes theres nothing that quite beats a physical book. Plus, a lot of the books we have listed below have the added bonus of being able to go really deep on a … Read more

What Are Model Train Car Cards?

In the world of model railroad car-routing system, the “waybill” procedure has gained much popularity. There’s an ID card for every car with a sleeve that holds the waybill guiding it to its final location. The method is versatile and equally fun to set up, use, and customize when needed. The system is so common … Read more

How Do Train Couplers Work

You probably hear about them all the time when working with your model train, and you might even have a rough idea of what a train coupler is. That little bit that sticks out and joins the cars together. This article is a deep dive into what a train coupler is, how they work, the … Read more