N Scale vs HO Scale

n scale vs ho scale

When it comes to model trains, we have to consider several main factors. Size of the model, what our layout will look like, and details such as specific locomotives that we want to run. If you’re unsure, model trains come in a whole host of sizes, but the most popular are; N scale Vs HO … Read more

N Scale Brass Model Trains

Model of Odin at Jernbanemuseet

If you decide that you want to buy N scale models, you might notice that some are made out of brass! Brass models are seen as the crowning achievement by a lot of people in the model train world due to their technicality and the fact that a lot of them are hand-made. Obviously, it … Read more

N Scale Vs Z Scale

n scale vs z scale

If you want to get into model trains, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the scale that you want to go for. There’s often some debate about whether you should get into N scale vs Z scale; Both the N scale model trains and Z scale trains are great options, … Read more