Top 10 Christmas Train Sets for Under The Tree in 2021

Christmas Train Sets

This post was updated in October of 2021 to include some great new Christmas train sets to help update your setup!  We’re not really sure HOW Christmas train sets under the tree got started, but we’re all for it! As a kid, nothing really beats the magic of Christmas morning, opening presents and spending time … Read more

Model Train Shows and Displays

If you’re looking for a model train show, I’m sure you’re a fan already. Here, we are going to talk about model train displays and shows that every railroader should know about, or even try and visit in their lifetime. Miniatur Wunderland Train Display Miniatur Wunderland is known as the world’s most extensive model railway … Read more

Best Beginner Model Train Sets of 2021 – A Helpful Guide!

Kato USA train

This post has been updated in August 2021 to include the most up to date information and new train sets about beginner model trains for 2021.  So you’re thinking about getting into model trains, but have no idea where to start with as a beginner? Well, there’s a number of awesome beginner model train sets … Read more

The Polar Express Model Train Buyers Guide and Review

the polar express movie

Surely you’ve heard of The Polar Express? The book and film about a young boy heading to the North Pole on Christmas Eve? Well, if not, don’t fear! I’m here to help you not only learn more about the film, the train but also the different types of Polar Express Model Trains’ out there. What … Read more