How to make your RC Car Waterproof

It is common to drive or race RC cars on rough or wet terrain. It is typically the case that in a no-prep race, RC cars race against each other on unmaintained tracks. It can include all sorts of off-roading hurdles. These may include puddles or water as well.

No one who knows about RC cars will drive in such races unless they have a good RC car for off-roading. When you go to the market to buy an RC car for yourself, you will stumble upon loads of options.

You will choose a car that sets to your tastes and preferences. You won’t choose a smooth-drive RC car for an off-roading experience and vice versa. Although, when you are looking for a perfect car on the market, do keep in mind that buying a waterproof car with a high IPX reading is preferable.

A waterproof or winterized car can be much more susceptible to all wet conditions it may face while off-roading or on no-prep race events. In this article, we will be discussing all the pros of buying a waterproof car. We will also discuss some basics of how waterproof mechanics work. So let’s get down to it!

IPX Waterproof Ratings

Before we see how waterproof RC cars work, first, we must know the degree of waterproofing electronics. You must’ve seen many electronics with IPX waterproof ratings. IPX gives us a clearer picture of how water-resistant the electronics are to water.

The index protection rating (IP code) classifies or defines the protection rate it provides against the intrusion of solids, dust particles, accidental contacts and water. In total, there are eight IP readings. These readings give a broader perspective on water resiliency in electronics.

  • IPX-0 (No Water Resistance)
  • IPX-1 (Protection Against Condensation)
  • IPX-2 (Protection Against Spraying Water At 15 Degree Tilt)
  • IPX-3 (Protection Against Spraying Water At 60 Degree Tilt)
  • IPX-4 (Protection Against Splashing Water)
  • IPX-5 (Protection Against Low-Pressure Water Stream)
  • IPX-6 (Protection Against High-Pressure Water Stream)
  • IPX-7 (Protection Against Water Immersion 1 Meter Deep For 30 Minutes )
  • IPX-8 (Protection Against Continual Water Submersion In Under Water Conditions)

Are Nitro RC Cars Waterproof?

In the RC community, a major group prefers nitro RC cars instead of electric RC cars for more extreme racing events. And so, most people would want to know whether their RC car is waterproof or not. 

You must understand the basic concept of water resilient and waterproof. Waterproof means that you can totally submerge your RC car in the water, and it will work fine. Water resilient means that water cannot enter through its openings. However, if it does, it can affect the RC car.

Usually, when it comes to nitro RC cars, most of these are either water-resilient or splashproof. It does not mean that these are fully waterproof. Water entering the spark plug will create a short circuit, and your car will go haywire. 

So, always keep in check how water resilient your RC car is. Usually, it is okay to drive your nitro RC car in the rain or even in puddles. However, ensure that you don’t submerge your car in water for a long time.

Are Electric RC Cars Waterproof?

You might be wondering if normal electric RC cars are waterproof or not. It depends. Many companies in the market are producing newer models with more modern waterproof technology. Engineers at Traxxas took it as a “challenge” to make their newer models more waterproof.

Engineers at ARRMA also started working on the best RC car that can be waterproof. As a result, they came up with the Granite Voltage RC car. They built his model while keeping all the points in mind on keeping water away from the car’s internal electronics.

However, in the market, not all RC cars are waterproof. There are some electronics that you need to keep safe from water. You must not let water enter the motor of the RC car, or it will short out. Also, you must keep LiPo batteries away from water. 

Most LiPo batteries are water resilient, but one must always keep them away from long exposure to water.

How To Clean Your RC Car?

Buying an RC car, especially for an off-roading experience, will get pretty muddy and dirty on the track. So when cleaning your RC car, you must always remember how water resilient or waterproof your RC car truly is. 

Some cars are completely waterproof; you can even clean them using a high-pressure water hose. However, some cars are not fully waterproof, so you must clean them carefully. You can use wet cleaning towels and a few cleansing products that do not harm the car’s external body.

Sometimes, when mud and other foreign particles enter the car’s internal electronics, you must proceed with caution while cleaning your RC Car. You wouldn’t want your motor to get shorted out. Always remove the car’s external body and carefully clean every electronic part.

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