All about the wonderful Marx Trains and Toys

marx trains

Louis Marx and the Marx Toys company flourished a lot during their operational years, to the point where back in the 1950s, they were the biggest toy company in the world! They produced everything from tinplate buildings, toy soldiers, toy dinosaurs, mechanical toys, toy guns, action figures, dolls, dollhouses, toy cars as well as manufacturing … Read more

Top 10 Christmas Train Sets for Under The Tree in 2022

Christmas Train Sets

This post was updated inJuly of 2022 to include some great new Christmas train sets to help update your setup!  We’re not really sure HOW Christmas train sets under the tree got started, but we’re all for it! As a kid, nothing really beats the magic of Christmas morning, opening presents and spending time with … Read more

EMD SW1500 – A great Switcher Locomotive

EMD SW1500

The EMD SW1500 is the most powerful locomotive in the SW series from General Motors. It is not a locomotive for intercity travels. Rather it is seen in stations and terminals doing carriage switching jobs. The history of the EMD Sw1500 The EMD SW1500 is manufactured by General Motors. General Motors had started its manufacturing … Read more