Hooking up your RC Car with Lights!

When it comes to customizing your RC car with lights, you will think of all the internal parts, the performance of the RC car and how you can enhance it. All the things regarding mechanical parts will come to your mind. 

However, there is one more thing you will consider when customizing your RC car. It will be the style of your ride. The aesthetic of your RC car and its exterior style can vastly improve its first impression. Anyone would want their car to be the center of attraction. You would want everyone to look at your car and admire its grace.

We dont judge you. It’s what everyone wants. However, when it comes to giving your car a perfect aesthetic and style, we usually are blank and have no idea how we can improve our RC car’s appearance. No need to worry. We have some ideas that you can implement and make your RC car stand out at any racing event or exhibition.

One of the most efficient ways to make your RC car look good is to use LED lights. The idea looks very plain, but there is more to it. It will make your car look more elegant and distinguished. This article will discuss how we can utilize LED light strips to make our RC car more protrude at racing events. Let’s get on with it!

Planning Everything Before Hooking Up Your LEDs!

You cannot just go out and start buying LEDs for your RC car and its remote. You must first plan on buying the right stuff for yourself. You must decide on the color scheme to go with your RC car. You also want to know what kind of LED lights you want when going to the market.

Without proper planning, you might buy something incompatible, which would be a huge waste of your time and money. You should always look for the best and most compatible LED for your RC car. You must buy LEDs of your color choice, power supply, resistors, receiver and LED control board. 

Buying the correct LEDs is the most important factor here. You wouldn’t want to buy LEDs that may be compatible with an RC car instead of an RC truck. You must think of the fitting of your LEDs on your RC car. Most LEDs are 3mm, 5mm and 10mm. They generally come in red, amber, green and blue. 

One more thing you must keep in mind is that your RC car goes through many bumps and jumps. You would want your LEDs to be durable and of the best quality. Check the resilience of any LED before buying by looking through the reviews of LED companies on the internet. 

Attaching LEDs To Your Remote

Connecting your LED strips to your RC car’s remote is not as hard as it seems. It requires a few parts, and it is good to go. You would want a light control board or an LED control board so that when you connect it to the receiver, it can connect to the remote’s functions. 

Normally, people connect it directly to the receiver attached to the remote. It does not help, and the LED receiver does not receive the correct commands from the remote. It is the reason why an LED control board is necessary. 

One last thing you must ensure is that you set your remote’s settings to SWA on the designated channel on which you connect your LEDs. With all these things done correctly, your LEDs will work perfectly with your RC car’s remote and look stunning.

Importance Of Resistors

These tiny pieces of technology may seem unimportant at first glance, but these hold a lot of significance when it comes to your LEDs. When connecting to the power supply, your LEDs will not function without proper resistors. 

They prevent overcharging the LED circuits by regulating the current passing through them. If it gets overcharged, the LED can burn, which won’t be a good look for your RC car. The resistors ensure that the current flowing through the circuit is not balanced and not too much to burn.

Using An Underglow LED For Your RC Car

Using LEDs for your RC car generally is a good idea. However, the under-glow LED is the best and most pointed LED on RC cars. It gives a good shade, making your RC car attractive and appealing to the spectators.

It makes your RC car unique, and your car stands out amongst other cars at any racing event or even a simple RC car exhibition. However, there must be a few things you must keep in mind before putting an under-glow LED on your RC car. 

Usually, the underside of any RC car goes through very harsh conditions. So you must ensure that the under-glow LED system you buy is durable and waterproof. The LED must also be very flexible so that it can attach easily to the chassis of your RC car.

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