Everything You Need To Know About RC Drag Cars

So, you want to up your level of RC racing and upgrade to RC drag cars. Don’t know anything about RC drag cars and want to know more? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here we will be discussing all the tips and tricks to make you the king of the RC race track.

RC drag cars are RC cars with more power and a more durable and strong body type. The power is sometimes too much to handle for amateurs. For this reason, we recommend you first get accustomed to racing normal RC Cars before setting foot into the world of RC drag racing. Or, at least have a good understanding of the mechanics involved!

However, even if you are new to the thing and wish to know more about RC drag cars and RC racing culture, then we’ll give it our best shot to give you suggestions for your first RC drag car, along with a few perks that will make you a level above other beginners. So with no further adieu, let’s get down to it!

How fast do RC Drag cars go?

An RC drag car usually races at speeds somewhere around 40-70mph or 65-112kph. While that’s insanely impressive, there are definitely RC cars that can go faster than that, especially once you know what you’re doing a bit more and are able to modify your stock RC drag car.

How long is an RC drag strip?

A normal RC drag car scale is usually 1/10th. This means that for a quarter-mile strip, like in a full-sized drag race, these miniature speedsters will be racing along 132 feet of track. These tracks are usually made of either asphalt or concrete.

What is No-Prep RC Drag Racing

We mean it when we say that no preparations are done for the track arrangement of this race. The hint is in the name. Usually, the race organizers make no preparations or alterations to the race track in this race. This kind of race is more for hardcore RC racers.

The extreme racetrack brings out the best of RC cars. One can say that these RC cars may not endure such harsh conditions. However, we must not forget that RC drag cars are different. In any race, these are more durable and built to handle extreme conditions. Here are some of the most well-known and most durable RC drag cars in the market.

The LOSI RC Drag ’69 Camaro

It would be no surprise to anyone that LOSI excels in making RC drag cars for freestyle racers. LOSI is one of the premier RC car manufacturers, so being able to highly tune and produce RC cars that can reach drag race speeds is a specialty in and of itself.

LOSI comes up with the perfect RC drag cars that know how to handle their intense speed with perfect control and precision. With a good grip on the track and low ground clearance, LOSI makes one of the best RC drag cars around the world. 

Losi 1/10 '69 Camaro 22S No Prep RC Drag Car Brushless 2 Wheel Drive RTR Battery and Charger Not Included Summit LOS03035T1
  • All new 22S aluminum chassis
  • Officially Licensed 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Body
  • Mickey Thompson branded Large Rear Drag Racing Slicks
  • Mickey Thompson branded Low Drag, Front Tires
  • Aluminum Option Parts Available

Team Associated DR10 RC Drag Cars

The DR10 series of RC drag cars by Team Associated is designed specifically for street racers. It checks all the boxes when it comes to the basic requirements of no prep RC drag racing! So if you wanted something you could just purchase and take to the track, this is the model for you.

The DR10 RC drag car series features a durable body to handle the harsh conditions of no-prep racing tracks. It may have average speed (out of the box its about 40mph) when it comes to drag racing, but it has a good grip on the ground. This feature helps you gain more control over your RC drag car. That’s why this model drag rc car is perfect for beginners enthusiasts, or people that haven’t drag-raced before.

One small issue that can ruin your DR10 racing experience is this model’s tires. The tires are not as durable as they look. They get worn out pretty quickly. Once you install the perfect quality, custom-made tires, nothing can stop this beauty on the RC drag race tracks.

Team Associated 1/10 DR10M 2 Wheel Drive No Prep Drag Car Team Kit ASC70029 Trucks Electric RTR 1/10 Off-Road
  • Mid-motor design creates improved traction and control in the vehicle's weight distribution
  • Durable front and rear wide body mounts
  • Rigid, 4mm thick carbon fiber rear shock tower
  • Heavy-duty sealed silicone-filled gear differential
  • Full adjustable double-ladder wheelie bar

What’s the Fastest RC Drag Car Out There?

When buying an RC car to take to the drag track, you want the best! That doesn’t necessarily just mean top speed or acceleration, but also how it handles, how light the car is, and a multitude of other factors. Although in the case of these cars, it’s usually a combination of speed and acceleration.

However, one RC drag car is head and shoulders above all the others out there. Yes, we are talking about the Traxxas XO-1. When we talk about this RC drag car, we talk about RAW POWER! We do not exaggerate when we say this is the world’s fastest RC drag car. 

According to the official Traxxas website, this RC drag car gets up to speeds of 100mph. If that’s not fast enough for you, we don’t know what is!

One of the setbacks of using Traxxas XO-1 is that you can only access the additional settings to get it up to the 100mph mark by using their free ios/android app. So while not a deal breaker, it might be slightly annoying to some.

Which RC Drag Car To Choose?

Usually, we’d recommend one RC drag car for your off-road racing adventures. However, we leave this decision to you and your requirements. Some people are “all for speed” guys, while others are “more grip less speed.” We cannot determine what car will fit your style.

However, we can confidently say that whatever car you choose from our recommendations, you won’t be disappointed! In The end, it’s all about having fun in this competitive sport. 

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