My Hobby Models is a site dedicated to all things model trains, planes and automobiles. Well, that and a bunch of other fun hobby model stuff.

So why start this site? Well, there’s a ton of good information out there, but it’s super hard to find sometimes. And sometimes, it’s not even on the internet. So this is my (Peters) little way of trying to consolidate all the best bits of useful information that we can find on things like scale model trains, scale model planes, scale model cars and other things like RC cars and miniature scenery building.

Peter has been modelling trains ever since he was a young boy after his father first introduced him to the hobby at a local meetup. Since that day, he was hooked! Fast forward several decades and still an avid railroader, this website is really his way of giving back to the community as well as exploring other scale hobbies in his down time.


Primarily a model train enthusiast, this blog/website is also a great way for us to delve into other scale model hobbies, so if you have any article suggestions, please contact us and let us know!

Hopefully, this is a resource that you use for years to come!



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