All You Need to Know About Mini RC Cars

For people who have a passion for racing or simply have an interest in cars, RC cars are the perfect treat for them. These cars are modeled versions of original cars but in a miniature version. You can think of them as toy cars. However, you can’t underestimate their speed. They are no less than a real car!

Some of the expensive mini RC cars can run over 100mph. If you are a sportscar person, you know what we are talking about! In this article, we have tried to describe various factors about Mini RC Cars. We have provided a brief discussion about the scale of these cars along with some types. By reading this article you will get to know about the best brands and also how you can mod a mini RC car. In a nutshell, you will gain a lot of insights about mini RC cars through this article. Keep on reading and see if we could help you quench your curiosity.
So, let’s get started!

What Are Mini RC Cars?

Mini RC cars refer to miniature model cars that you can control with a specialized transmitter. RC means “Remote Controlled” or “Radio Controlled”. Unlike other toy cars, you can control these mini RC cars from a distance. The remote or transmitter will act as a navigator for the cars.
If we think deeply, the source of these cars’ movement is radio signals or infrared rays. A physical wire connection can also act as the same but within time this option has become more obsolete. Technology has given birth to various types of RC cars that do not need any wire connection.

What Scale Are Mini RC Cars?

Mini RC Cars are designed to maintain a ratio. As they are modeled cars in a miniature version, they are compared with the original ones. The ratio which is used to create the size is known as scale. It indicates the size of the mini RC car in correspondence to the full-sized car.

Well, these cars come in different scales. You may find Radio Controlled cars on a larger scale but in this section, we will be talking about the small scale for the mini RC cars. Mostly, you will find models in 1:8 and 1:10 scales. However, you can always customize the scale according to your preference.

Can You Race Mini RC Cars?

Yes. One of the most common uses of RC Cars is racing. It is just a part of the fun that kids and adults love to enjoy. Many brands produce mini models that look exactly like sports cars. Of course, in a miniature version!

Some mini RC cars are 4WD that have more speed and power than the 2WD ones. These cars are the perfect version for racing. You can also run these cars over terrains and rough surfaces depending upon the type of tire they have.

How Fast Does a Mini RC Car Go?

A mini RC car’s speed depends on several factors – motor, battery, number of wheels, and whatnot. From the two most common types (brushed and brushless) of motors, a mini RC car needs brushless motors for more efficiency and power. It allows the cars to accelerate at higher rates that will go faster.

Usually, entry-level RC cars can speed up to 25 mph. For mid-range models, the speed is an increased rate of 40 mph. Consequently, high-end RC cars can go as fast as 60 mph at a stretch. We think for racing purposes you must always choose a high-end mini RC car. It will ensure better performance.

Can Mini RC Cars Go on Tracks?

Mini RC Cars can definitely go on tracks. These cars have extra steering guidance hidden in the steel wires that allows more accurate steering on narrower tracks. You can also run mini RC cars in reverse mode on the track with the help of an “off” option.
These cars are perfectly suitable for running on hard and flat surfaces. On the other hand, some of them can go over bumpy roads too.

What Are Coke Can RC Cars?

The name coke can RC cars itself suggests what the product is. These cars are basically mini RC car models that come inside a coke can packaging.
Some of these cars come with quality LED headlights and taillights. Check the battery thoroughly while purchasing. Worth mentioning, these cars are suitable mostly for gifting someone who loves RC cars. You can also treat yourself too with one of these models!

What Are the Best Brands of Coke Can RC Cars?

You will find various brands around the world manufacturing coke can RC cars. The appealing packaging made these cars popular among RC car lovers. However, there are a few brands that are dominating the coke can RC car industry right now.
Marketworldcup, AKDSteel, Aisster, and Calvas are the best brands right now to choose such RC cars. Each of the brands produces high-quality products with super lighting technology included. These brands can be the right choice for gifts also!

Can You Mod Coke Can RC Cars?

Yes, it is possible to mod coke can RC cars. By modding RC cars, you can make your little cars faster than before. Let us tell you how you can do LiPo mod to your coke can RC cars.

At first, cut off all the lights to remove the clutter of wires. Free some space above the circuit board. Now, to fit the LiPo on top of the circuit, carefully remove a one-piece window with wires sticking outside. After that, solder on a JST female connector to the car. It will allow you to use a normal LiPo charger to charge the car. Take the car to a test and measure the speed.

We can guarantee you that the car will run faster than before!

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