Things to Know About Electric RC Cars

What Are Electric RC Cars

Electric RC Cars are radio-controlled cars. These are miniature cars and trucks. All you need to do to run these cars is use either a transmitter or remote control. The electric RC cars come with small motors that run the cars. RC cars are also known as remote control cars when you use a remote or infrared connection to run the car.

A huge confusion occurs between remote control cars and radio control cars. To break things down for you we have a solid example here. Remember as kids we always saw that kid next door playing with fancy cars or trucks that were controlled with a remote? Some of us were probably that kid. You can still get a hold of these cars at toy shops. These cars are electric RC (remote control) cars.

On the other hand, some of us are still fascinated by these cars and some exclusive car models that we treasure in our hearts. To collect these cars we don’t mind spending half our salaries. These cars are sold as exclusive outlets as electric RC (radio-controlled) cars. These miniature cars are basically your dream trucks and cars. The designs are undoubtedly exquisite and over time with new modifications are brought in these cars.

What Voltage Do Electric RC Cars Run On

If you look into the capacity of the electric RC cars, the more voltage is better. On another note, the voltage cannot even exceed the current capacity. You can not pinpoint a certain amount of voltage and make it a standard for the rest of the cars. The reason is, different electric RC cars have different specifications.
To some extent, the configurations remain similar but there a limit to that. If all the cars had the same configurations, people wouldn’t have spent all their earnings on the most exclusive ones. After doing thorough research, we noticed that the most common configurations the top-tier brands use are either two cells or three cells using LiPos. There were four to six-cells. Each LiPo cell can deliver 3.7 Volts. In that case, let’s do the maths!
For 2 cell configuration, the voltage would be (2 x 3.7) Volt = 7.4 Volt
Similarly, for 3 cell configuration, the voltage would be (3 x 3.7) Volt = 11.1 Volt

How Long Is The Battery Life On Most RC Cars

When it comes to choosing batteries for your electric RC cars, you go through a never-ending dilemma whether to go for a LiPo battery or a nickel battery. In that case, the LiPo batteries have many advantages when it comes to smooth runs. The most preferable batteries for electric RC cars are LiPos batteries which is why we are featuring them today.

On a sadder note, when it comes to battery life the LiPo batteries tend to be very disappointing. In fact, in terms of battery life, Nickel batteries are better to some extent. But if you consider all the advantages you can get a hold of if you get the LiPos batteries then the battery life won’t worsen your day.

Each of the LiPos batteries can sustain up to 150 to 300 cycles max. The amount solely depends on the way the batteries are used. Charging your batteries frequently will lessen the battery life from day one. You need to be cautious about your usage when it comes to running your electric RC car with a LiPos battery.

To break things down in simpler terms, the battery life also depends on the load it puts up with. For instance, if you have a 1000 mAH battery and it carries a load of 500 mAH then it would last 2 hours at best.
On the other hand, instead of putting less, you make the batteries run on 2000 mAH not to mention the batteries are 1000 mAH- in that case, we can guaranty you that the batteries will run out within 30 minutes max.

How Much Upkeep Do Electric RC Cars Need

We know how much you treasure your electric RC cars. In that case, your cars need some maintenance too in order to last a very long time. You don’t have to move rocks but there is some upkeep you need to do from time to time.

Clean up. You cannot let dust and dirt get stuck in your RC car. This may later cause getting permanent stains or worse, your cars can get rusty. For that, use a liquid cleaner and brush off your cars. Do not spray water directly. If you want to use water then use the brush again.
Lastly, dry off the cars very well. Use napkins if needed.

Drive Shafts. Other than cleaning the body parts of your cars, you need to clean the drive shafts too. For that, wipe all the joints very carefully, either use any cleaner or oil if there is any strong dirt stuck in there.

Differentials. You must clean your differentials when it’s maintenance day. Use a paper towel and wipe off all the unwanted dirt. Get rid of all the lubricants stuck inside too.

You need to do thorough maintenance to keep your cars running.

How Old Are Electric RC Cars

The golden year when the electric RC cars were invented was back in 1976. Ever since the cars have gone through tons of development process, submerged in new technologies and hence we have the most advanced versions in our hands now.

What Are The Best Brands Of Electric RC Cars

When it comes to starting or expanding your electric RC car collection, here are some brands you must check out-
HB Racing.
Not prescribed for beginners.
Built to win.
Top-tier quality specs.
Great speed.
High brand value.
Massive cars.
Less charging time.
Excellent performance on bumpy roads.
Market leader.
Can crush whatever comes in front of them.
Sick designs.

Should I Start With Electric RC Cars

If you are a big fan of RC cars and you are at a hobby shop wondering what to get, then hold your thought. If you are in a dilemma between getting an electric vehicle or nitro then we would recommend getting the electric RC car.
You can easily set it up after bringing it home and it would be ready to run. In addition, these cars are easy to repair. They are very fast. You can upgrade them later whereas Nitro cars require tons of robust maintenance and you must be a pro of the RC cars. The sound and speed are cool. Overall, electric RC cars come with more options and less professional maintenance.


To wrap things up, if your hobby of collecting RC cars is still alive then you should not hold back. Now that you know all the nitty-gritty about electric RC cars, grab yours today and join the community. We are certain that you will enjoy these cars to the fullest.

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