All You Need to Know About Gas RC Cars

RC cars or Radio-Controlled cars are one of the most popular RC models. They usually come in miniature car or truck forms, which are controlled through a remote or a transmitter from a distance. These cars are not only used as mere toys which are seen in electronic or toy stores, but also for military purposes which require exposure to any risky tasks.

RC cars can be powered using various sources. There are models which get powered through electricity, some use rechargeable batteries, others use fuel. The fuel-powered cars usually use methanol mixed with nitromethane and oil and these cars are called nitro cars. There are some large models of RC cars that require engines powered by gasoline.

These gasoline RC cars are slightly difficult to build and work with compared to electric cars but are more powerful than battery-operated or electric cars. Let us go through a small description of what gas-powered RC cars are, how they are operated and what are some of the best brands of gas RC cars in the market today

What are gas-powered RC cars?

Gas-powered RC cars use engines that use a mixture of gasoline and oil. These cars need larger engines generally of scale 1/5 or 1/6 which are termed as Large Scale models. Compared to electric and nitro cars, the gas RC cars do not usually run at a high speed, but they can be operated using less fuel and their engines are more powerful as well. Generally, gasoline cars are more expensive than electric and nitro cars, ranging from $800 to $3000. With time, as the cost of nitro fuel increases and cars need new nitro engines to restore old ones, the cost of gas RC cars will keep decreasing. This is because gas-powered engines have longer lifespans and they rarely require replacements or tuning. Another benefit gas RC cars come with is that they are easier to start compared to nitro cars, which need a separate motor to rotate their engines. Gas RC cars take much space to run, can be operated just with a remote without any extra motors.

What is ‘gas’ fuel

Gas fuels are a mixture of hydrogen, hydrocarbon, and carbon monoxide and stay in a gaseous state. Gas fuels are a source of light energy or heat energy, which are distributed through pipes. The fuel is liquefied to convert to a liquid state or solid state from the gaseous state for easier distribution.

Fuels when in a gaseous state have many advantages, which include easier transportation from origin to the consumption place and contain no risk of spilling. But they are highly disadvantageous too. Since they have no color, there is a risk of gas leakage which if not detected might lead to gas explosions. This is why fuel gases are mixed with some form of odorants so they can be detected through smell.

Gas fuels have many types depending on how they are usually produced. Their composition is the same, the difference is that one type is found naturally, the other is produced from alternative materials artificially. The artificial production process is known to be gasification which is done in gas houses and industrial plants. These types of fuel gas are comprised of coal gas, wood gas, biogas, water gas, furnace gas, and acetylene.

How much upkeep do gas RC cars need?

Gas engines are used in RC cars that are of at least a 1/5 scale. As mentioned above, Gas RC cars have engines with a longer lifespan and do not need frequent repairs. These engines come with adjustable needles which can be used for both low rpm range cars and also for higher ones. The mixture needles can also be used as an idle control setting screw. In nitro and electric car engines, the motor needs to be turned before every run, which if done repeatedly reduces the performance of the engine. If you are looking for an engine that requires less replacement or work done on and will give a good performance for a longer time, then you can rely on gasoline engines for your RC car and make racing more fun.

What are the best brands of gas RC cars?

If you are a toy car enthusiast and are looking for some of the best gas RC car brands on the market, then here is a list of the top five brands that will give you a fun racing experience within your budget.

Team Losi Desert Buggy: This RC car is a bit expensive but it is a good investment if you are searching for a good performance and an engine that is easy to control. This toy car gives you an option to modify it according to your taste.

Redcat Racing Monsoon XTR Truggy: The Redcad car is designed not only to run on plain tracks but it can also take off on rough terrains. It has a well-built exhaust system that can adjust sound and give a good performance. Separate car parts are available, which lets you modify them anytime you want.

Exceed RC Monster Truck: This RC truck comes with a highly responsive remote controller and does not require any additional parts to be purchased. It comes all assembled and is quite budget-friendly.

Traxxas Jato: The Traxxas cars provide a good speed and it is convenient to start its engine.

Why choose Gas RC cars over other alternatives

Toy car enthusiasts look for a car or truck with high speed or good performance, but the noise of the engine adds to the fun. If it is the noise and smoke of the engine you are looking for then gas RC cars will be a good option for you. The gas engine allows you to use your car for as long as you want without having to add fuel frequently. These cars come with a high speed that requires less tuning and they are also water-resistant. They perform well both on flat tracks and off roads and are suitable for outdoor usage. Gas RC cars are quite different from electric ones but are well worth your money.


In conclusion, Gas RC cars are a great choice for car enthusiasts. They use a mixture of gas and oil and perform quite well due to their long lifespans and strong engines. For people looking for a low-maintenance and fun RC car, a Gas RC is well recommended.

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