How to make your RC Car Waterproof

Waterproof RC Cars

It is common to drive or race RC cars on rough or wet terrain. It is typically the case that in a no-prep race, RC cars race against each other on unmaintained tracks. It can include all sorts of off-roading hurdles. These may include puddles or water as well. No one who knows about RC … Read more

Hooking up your RC Car with Lights!

RC car with lights

When it comes to customizing your RC car with lights, you will think of all the internal parts, the performance of the RC car and how you can enhance it. All the things regarding mechanical parts will come to your mind.  However, there is one more thing you will consider when customizing your RC car. … Read more

Cameras For RC Cars

RC camera

Driving your heavily-modded RC cars out on the parking lot or across different terrains is super fun. And a super-easy way to take it from a ‘kids hobby’ to a ‘grown up’ one, is to look into getting cameras for RC cars! Once upon a time, this would have been something as simple as strapping … Read more

Mini RC Cars

mini rc cars

There’s nothing better than a scaled-down car as an RC car, but mini RC cars are just scaled-down RC cars. Literally just doubling down the fun! But what exactly are they? And what even is the point of a ‘mini’ RC car, when they’re already pretty small? What Are Mini RC Cars? For many people, … Read more

Brushed vs Brushless RC Cars

brushed vs brushless rc car

If you’re new to the world of RC cars, then you may be wondering what the difference is between brushed vs brushless motors. In this blog post, we’ll compare and contrast these two types of RC cars, so you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next RC vehicle. What are Brushed RC Cars? … Read more

RC Car Scale Sizes

RC Car Scales

RC cars come in various different sizes called scales or ratios. For example, you can get RC car scales that are 1/10th (1:10) scale. So, what are these scales? And do they matter? Which size RC cars should you buy?  Read on to find out! What Are RC Scale Sizes? Let’s say you bought a … Read more

The Best RC Car Brands And Manufacturers

best rc brands

RC cars are not just for kids, they’ve definitely become a more grown-up toy these days, with some of them reaching speeds of 200+ miles per hour, and costing thousands of dollars. Just like real cars, RC cars also come in various categories and brands. Different brands specialize in different aspects of RC cars – … Read more

Remote Control Car Terminology

RC Car terminology

The world of RC cars is not limited to children only. Grown-ups and adults are very much welcome. After all, RC cars are fun to drive, and you can do amazing miniature stunts with them, which could cause a lot with real cars. The RC car world is no longer simple – You may hear … Read more