The top 6 Best Model Train Cars

Electric O Gauge Model Train Car – Lionel Presidential Series

Lionel Presidential Series, Electric O Gauge Model Train Cars, Presidential Caboose
  • Tribute to our first President in 1789
  • Beautifully deco'd
  • Diecast metal trucks with operating couplers

Lionel does a whole series of presidential Lionel train cars, cabooses, and engines that are all lovingly made. Lionel is a premium model train producer, so you won’t find a better USA manufactured model train car on the market.

If you’re feeling patriotic, this is definitely a worthy addition to your model train set. It’s a fully electric train car, complete with working couplers and die-cast metal springs.

HO Model Power US Army 40′ Tank

Model Power HO 40' Tank, US Army MDP98663
  • Exceptional design.
  • Durable high quality parts.
  • True to life detail.
  • Precision engineered.
  • Easy to use.

Model Power is a model train manufacturer that tends to do slightly cheaper options. Despite this, the stuff they make is still high enough quality to look great on your train layout.

This US Army Tank comes with working couplers so will fit right in with most of your other model train cars. It also works incredibly well with the Big Cannon car a few down!

O Gauge Lionel Train Dementor Coach with Sound

Lionel Trains - Dementors Coach with Sounds #99723, O Gauge
  • Plays sounds of the Dementors on the train
  • On/Off swith for the sounds
  • Dementors silhouettes in windows
  • Operating couplers
  • Interior illumination with flickering effect

There’s probably not much better than Harry Potter. Except perhaps, the Hogwarts Express! This is the perfect accompaniment to the full Lionel Hogwarts Express train, and the working couplers means it connects straight away!

This Lionel train car comes with on-off switches for the sound, lighting that flickers on and off, as well as illuminating dementor silhouettes in the windows.

HO Union Pacific with horses Animated Stock Car

Bachmann 40' Animated Stock Car - UNION PACIFIC with HORSES - HO Scale
  • Bring your consist to life with this Animated Stock Car
  • Bachmann's Silver Series rolling stock
  • Metal wheels
  • E-Z Mate Mark II Couplers
  • HO Scale 1:87

Bachmann is known for producing high-quality products. This stock car comes pre-assembled and ready to be attached to your existing train set to run straight away. This model comes with 4 different horse heads sticking out of the cabin that will delight kids to no end!

There’s also a Christmas edition that comes with reindeer instead!

Lionel Santa Fe O gauge Vista Dome Car

Lionel 684725 Santa Fe Add-On Vista Dome Car, O Gauge, Silver, Gray, Tan, black
  • Soft molded diaphragms between cars
  • Simulated metal finish
  • Illuminated and detailed interior

This Vista Dome Car is the height of train luxury. Having windows all around that allow for a 360-degree view of the passing landscape, they were definitely a ‘special occasion’ type of trip.

This Santa Fe model vista dome car comes with soft molded diaphragms on either end, a detailed illuminated interior. If you run an O gauge layout, this truly isn’t a car that you want to miss out on, as it’s been a few years since they last manufactured this model.

HO US Army Big Cannon Car

Another Model train car, I’ve gone ahead and added this one just because I like it and it’s super unique! Obviously putting a giant cannon on your model train layout won’t be for everyone, but if you’re doing an army layout, this is a beautiful piece.

Coming pre-assembled and pre-painted, this piece wouldn’t hurt from a little weathering either. The working couplers and HO scale mean it will connect to any existing HO train that you’ve got on your rail!

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