GE Genesis AC4400CW – the First AC-Traction Diesel Engine Locomotive


The AC4400CW- GE Genesis is the locomotive that comes to mind first when you think of a locomotive with a single, high-powered AC-traction diesel engine. This locomotive, built by none other than GE, is one of North America’s most commercially successful AC-traction diesel locomotives. Let’s have a look at this article to learn more about … Read more

The Powerful SD90MAC –


Did you know that the SD90MAC has only ever been purchased by two Class 1 railroads? Yes, you read that correctly. It was first purchased by the Union Pacific (UP) and Canadian Pacific (CP) when it was established as a performance on the rail tracks (CP). And, just like that, there is a plethora of … Read more

SD40-2: The Ultimate Locomotive


The SD40-2 locomotive is an updated version of the SD40, making it more reliable and powerful than ever before. The model is so effective that it has been replicated over 4,000 times. You’ll become lost in a maze of fascinating debates about this locomotive once you start learning about it. The History of the EMD … Read more