How To Make an RC car ramp – The quick and easy way

As an RC enthusiast, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching your RC truck kicking the dirt off its tires while nailing tricks and techniques. However, when it comes to raw fun, nothing beats a good jump from a durable RC car ramp.

Watching your RC car flying through the air is a seriously exhilarating and thrilling feeling. It pumps up your adrenaline watching your car taking off before hitting the ground while staying in perfect sync. 

When it comes to selecting the perfect ramp for your RC car or truck, here’s when people start making mistakes. Not to worry, as we will discuss all the “dos and don’ts” while selecting a perfect ramp for yourself.

You must know the supplies needed to build a ramp, its dimensions concerning your RC car, its basic symmetry, its design, and most importantly, you must know how durable your RC car ramp is. Let’s discuss it more briefly. 

Making Your Own RC Ramp!

Ordering one RC ramp from amazon or eBay isn’t the worst option. In many cases, we recommend buying ramps from online stores. However, creating your own RC ramp is always an option. You can create one at home with the correct number of supplies in your shed. Sounds insane, right?

When we tell people that creating and assembling your ramp at home is a possibility, they mostly reject the idea. The main reason is that they believe it is too time-consuming and a bad job will waste their time and supplies. Not to mention, it calls for undivided frustration.

While we may say that a bad job will cause you a loss of time and supplies, we must focus on the upside too. A bad job always causes you a loss of money and time. But why not prevent it from ever happening?

When you know the proper schematics of your ramp, the required supplies, and all the things that come with building one, what can go wrong? Let’s look at what we need to make our ramp. 

The Required Supplies


We recommend using a wood structure when building your own RC car ramp. It is durable and easy to make compared to polyester or plastic. Most importantly, good quality is easily available for everyone at a good price.

Electric Wood-Cutter

After wood, you’d need a good cutter to cut the wood in the desired shape. We recommend using a mechanical cutter instead of saws or other goods. It helps you clean your wood with better precision and uses less effort. It also helps keep everything tidy and time-convenient. 

Electronic Screwdriver

The next thing you will need Is a bunch of screws and an automatic or electric screwdriver. You can work with a standard drill and manually screw the screws in the ramp structure, but it will take a lot of effort and time. Using an electric screwdriver will save you a bunch of time and energy that you can utilize better.

Measuring Instruments

Finally, this may sound unenthusiastic, but you will need a long ruler or a measuring tape. When working with DIYs, specifically when building your won ramp, you will need precise work down to the last details. You wouldn’t want your ramp to be uneven or lumpy. That would be a waste of your supplies and time.

Such instruments will help you work with precise measurements and with less effort. It will ensure that your work comes to fruition with no errors and is in the best shape. 

Spray Paints And Stickers (Optional)

When working with your RC cars or their ramps, it is only natural that you want to add more style to your fun. For such purposes, we will use spray paints and stickers to add a more fiery style to your ramp. 

How Do You Make Your Own RC Car Ramp?

Cracked down all the supplies? Great! Congratulations on your first step in creating your RC car ramp. It will be no time when you’ll see your car jumping off a ramp made by your own creative hands. 

The first thing to do is to calculate the measurements for your ramp. You would want your calculations to be precise to the last decimal number. The measurements will also depend upon the requirements of your RC car. 

Following the calculations, you start grinding your energy to cut the wood with the exact calculations in mind. Keep in mind that this is the most crucial part, as any cut that goes beyond your calculated point will mostly result in waste of your wood supply.

Did you already cut your wood to the perfect measurements? Well, aren’t you one talented lad! Next comes the easy part. You must join your slitten wood parts. For that, you will use the electric screwdriver that we mentioned before. 

After joining your wood that you precisely cut to the perfect estimation, voila! Your ramp is ready to be used. Wait, not so fast, tiger! Forgetting something? Yeap! You forgot to add the style to your ramp. Now grab your spray paints and let your imagination take over!

Once you’ve added style to your ramp, wait for it to dry. The ramp will be ready for mid-air RC car action after approximately 24 hours. After the paint is dry, go for it! 

Although we would recommend you to use a soft landing place for your RC car as a hard landing point might damage your RC car suspensions and ultimately damage its structure.

Pre-Built Ramps

While the idea of making your own RC car ramp is fun and all, however, not many people are a fan of hard work and dedication. Don’t worry; we won’t judge you. After all, this is supposed to be a fun activity that you do in your leisure time.

We got it covered for you. As discussed earlier, buying your own pre-built RC car ramp is always an option that fits perfectly with your requirements. If you want to go with our recommendation, here‘s one that looks the most durable and well-suited for any RC car enthusiast.

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