The Best RC Car Brands And Manufacturers

RC cars are not just for kids, they’ve definitely become a more grown-up toy these days, with some of them reaching speeds of 200+ miles per hour, and costing thousands of dollars.

Just like real cars, RC cars also come in various categories and brands. Different brands specialize in different aspects of RC cars – some make rock crawlers, some make drift RC cars and everything in between! There’s something for everyone out there.

It is wise to choose and invest in a brand that can offer what you want in an RC car. Here are the best RC car brands and manufacturers that you can look into.

Best RC Car Brands and Manufacturers


The first RC brand to look into is ARRMA. Now, this brand is super popular for a ton of different reasons. But the main reason is their RC car’s durability. All their cars are extremely durable – they can handle falls and tank damages like a champ.

ARRMA is an excellent choice if you are looking for an RC car for offroading and extreme terrains. The ARRMA vehicles can also offer impressive speeds depending on what you’re after. They can range anywhere from 25mph to 80+ mph.

You can check out their ARRMA KRATON 4X4 4S BLX. It is a popular offroad car of theirs that can offer extreme durability and speed with precise control.


If you are in the RC car hobby for fun, you should start with TRAXXAS. Their cars are all about fun and innovation. But they do offer great features too. Some of their RC cars can go nearly 100mph.

But if you want to focus on customization, then TRAXXAS has everything you need. They can offer the best-looking cars in the market with great attention to detail. The best part about their car is they come ready in the box. You can immediately start racing with them.

You can upgrade your TRAXXAS RC cars with electronics and visual elements. Their cars are made for modifications and customizations. This can offer you a real car-like feeling of vehicle customization.


If you are looking for an entry-level RC car, then Losi may be the perfect brand. Losi is popular for the high-quality workmanship of each RC car. However, Losi focuses on all sorts of off-road vehicles, their buggy, desert, and short-course trucks.

You can purchase several accessories and upgrade kits for their vehicles. This allows you to start with a Lsi RC car and upgrade it as you realize your need for that RC vehicle.


You may have heard of this brand. It can be spotted in both national and local RC car race events. AXIAL is not meant for beginners or those with weak hearts. They are a brand that manufactures serious RC vehicles.

The AXIAL vehicles can deliver extreme speed and precise controls. But their best suit is their endurance and durability. The AXIAL RC cars are famous for their plastic tum=bing and water-proof receiver box. This allows you to drive them on any terrain, be it muddy or watery.

You will also love their vehicle designs. Their designs are based on classic Ford, Jeep, and Chevrolet.

HB Racing

If you are a beginner, then it is best to ignore this brand for the time being. But if you are a pro or want to make an RC car from the ground up, then this is the perfect brand.

HB Racing allows you to decide what will go inside the RC car. They are fully customizable. Their quality is also unrivalled. Their RC cars are meant for competitive sports. So if you want to build a serious RC racing car with your personal specifications, then HB Racing is your go-to brand.


If looks and attention to detail are not your priority, then we suggest you invest in a Mugen RC car. The Mugen RC cars do not focus on replicating the body-work and design of real-life vehicles. They focus on the specifications and technology used in the vehicles.

You will find all the latest RC car technology in their latest RC cars. The latest motors, crank-shaft, suspensions, etc., are their speciality. All these latest technologies inside give you a technological advantage.


If you are a beginner but want to have as much fun as possible with your RC cars, Kyosho is the perfect brand. They make different kinds of RC cars. From extreme off-road vehicles to real-life classic vehicles with great attention to detail.

The Kyosho are also extremely durable and offer great speed. With 50 years of experience under their belt, you can surely rely on this brand and their RC cars.


Redcat is a good brand that sells very durable and distinctive-looking RC cars. Their RC cars are best suited for seasoned racing, but beginners can have fun with them as well.

The Redcat RC cars’ looks make them stand out the most. They offer real-life design. It is always a pleasure to see these real life-like Redcat RC cars in action.

Besides the look, the Redcat RC cars also deliver on speed, durability, and also functionality. Take the Redcat 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS, for example. It is a fully functional hopping lowrider that can mimic every movement of the real 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS.

SO those were the best RC car brands in the market. They specialize in different aspects of RC cars. For example, HB Racing focuses on ground-up RC car building while TRAXXAS focuses on ready-in-the-box RC cars. Mugen focuses on the latest RC technology, and Losi focuses on accessories. ARRMA focuses on durability, and Redcat focuses on realism.

Overall, they are all good RC car brands but specialize in different fields. It is your choice to figure out which brand is right for you.

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