Everything You Need to Know About Traxxas RC Cars

Remote-controlled cars have been around us for decades. Hundreds of companies are producing RC cars with enhanced technological developments. In a pool of multiple branded companies, Traxxas is one of the most popular brands among RC car lovers. Mike Jenkins founded this company to provide radio-controlled cars with the best quality. From budgeted editions to high-priced RC cars, Traxxas has always maintained their standard.

In this article, we tried to incorporate all of the possible questions that you might have about Traxxas RC cars. Starting from their history to describing its worth, we included every bit of information that you need to know for making a Traxxas RC car purchase. So, keep reading this article and satisfy your curiosity about your favorite brand

What Are Traxxas RC Cars?

RC cars refer to Radio Controlled cars or remote-controlled cars. Traxxas is a renowned company in McKinney, Texas that builds model radio control cars. These cars are powered by electric and nitro batteries which provide the best performance.
Traxxas has been on the field since 1986. It has produced more than 25 performance models at an affordable price. Worth mentioning, these RC cars are the most popular cars among RC car lovers because of the amazing brand they have created. The company also manufactures off-road and on-road vehicles, boats, and drones along with RC cars.

What is the History of RC Cars?

The history of RC cars dates back to mid-1966 when El-Gi (Elettronica Giocattoli) launched their first model, 1:12 Ferrari 250LM in the UK. Following the trend, in 1968, radio-controlled cars experienced the development of proportion control. A British company Mardave then started producing viable RC cars commercially. Gradually, small firms in the United States started selling RC cars as the popularity of slot cars moved towards RC.

In 1984, Associated Electric, Inc produced a new line of nitromethane-powered on-road RC race cars. It was completely constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Then, with the advancement of technologies, RC cars have been evolved with high power-efficient batteries. Thus, the control systems too have developed over time.

What Are the Different Sizes of Traxxas Cars?

Traxxas cars are undoubtedly one of the top-performing RC cars. They come in different sizes with various functionalities. Whether you are a beginner or a pro player, Traxxas cars will just be the right option for you. We’ll say don’t underestimate the small-scaled cars as beginner versions. Even they can be feisty enough for the experts.

As an RC car lover, you might encounter the scale size 1:10 mostly. It means you’ll probably see model RC cars one-tenth of the original version. However, Traxxas offers a lot of variety in sizes. The RC cars comes in 1:18, 1:16, 1:10, 1:7, and 1:6 scale. In easy terms, you will find Traxxas cars in a range of sizes from ten inches to approximately three feet long in measurement.

Who Owns Traxxas?

Mike Jenkins is the proud owner of Traxxas, the fastest Radio Control vehicle company. With spending his life almost entirely with radio-controlled racing cars and trucks, Mike has taken the RC car industry to a new level. All of this started when Mike went on a trip in Primm, Nevada to complete a short course on off-road racing.

While working on the short course racing, he realized that the extreme horsepower, air-time, and full-throttle driving style is most similar to off-road RC in “full size”. As soon as he realized, he and his brother Mark formed Jenkins Brothers Racing which was a two-truck Traxxax team. Mark chose to drive a Pro 2WD truck and Mike, on the other hand, chose a Pro 4×4 machine. By constantly winning different races and championships across the years, finally in 2014, Mike Jenkins proved himself as the worthy owner of Traxxas.

What is the Most Expensive Traxxas RC Car?

Traxxas is one of the leading RC car companies right now. Anyone interested in RC cars knows what much value the company provides within each of their cars. Whether you are looking for small-scale, larger scale, fastest, or perhaps the prettiest RC cars, Traxxas is always there for you. So, it’s not really much of a wonder that Traxxas has some premium RC cars that are too expensive compared to other RC cars.

One of the most expensive Traxxas RC cars is the XO-1 AWD Supercar. It can hit up to 100mph with the best control mechanism even on the tightest terrains. However, it comes in a lightweight design that will attract you immediately. Just like the XO-1 AWD, Traxxas also has several pricey RC cars. TRX-4 Rock Crawler and the Unlimited Desert Racer are two examples that range from a few hundred dollars to $1000+ range.

Are Traxxas Remote Controlled Cars Collectable?

Sure! Being a popular brand for decades, Traxxas does have Remote Controlled cars that are worthy of collecting. They have some vintage models which are now rare to find. Let us provide you with some names that you can store as collectibles.
First, we’ll talk about the Tamiya TT02, one of the rarest Traxxas RC cars ever. It has a white mustang body with a turbo attached. Other vintage Traxxas remote-controlled cars are the Rustler Bandit RC, Traxxas E-Max 3906, and the vintage 1/10 Hawk 2 Radicator.

You might get these collectibles on different e-commerce platforms. You can also search for them in various auction groups. If you are lucky, you might even get introduced to people who are willing to sell these antique pieces.

Final Thoughts

We hope you understood how amazing Traxxas RC cars are by reading this article. Whether you want to race with these cars or keep them as collectibles, this brand will never fail you. It will also make the best gift for an RC car lover!

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