T Scale Trains – The Smallest Model Train Scale

When it comes to managing space and getting the most out of it, the two most important factors to consider are the type of train and the scale. The scale reflects the size of the model to an actual standard train.

There is a variety of model train scales and the origin of these scales goes back to the mid 19th century. Since then, many scales have been approved and widely used in the case of model trains. The different model train scales make the whole experience even more fun because with every scale, there come unique advantages. However, nowadays most collectors are opting for the smaller model trains due to their space management advantages.

While the N scale trains are normally the smallest consumer-friendly models, there are smaller still!

What is the smallest model train in the world?

If you are looking for the smallest scale train out there, then T scale is your answer! Standard scaling is mostly regional and the same goes for the T gauge, so make sure that you purchase from the same region if possible. Model trains coming out of the UK might have a slightly different gauge to those from American or Asian markets, for instance, making it difficult to run trains from different regions. The first T scale train was made in Japan and was introduced at the Tokyo Toy show back in 2006; it then went on the market to the public in 2007. 

This scale offers 1:450 or 1:480 scaling for your model trains with an impressive track scale of only 3mm or 0.118 inches. This scale is still unbeaten in terms of small size up to this day.

T scale is one of the most sought after models available on the market. From their efficient size and their unique size, they make the perfect addition to your locomotive collection.

What scale and gauge is the T scale?

You do not have to be a model train expert to understand that model trains come in a variety of sizes and the T gauge is the smallest of the bunch.

The T scale comes as a standard size of 1:450 to 1:480 depending on the manufacturer. It features a track gauge of 3mm or 0.118 inches which is only half of the Z gauge.

What is the history of the T Scale?

The T scale models were first designed and released by KK Eishindo in the Tokyo Toy show back in 2006. The model then went on the sale and was made commercially available from 2007.

Does anyone manufacture a T scale?

The great news for you models train enthusiasts is that the T scale is still being manufactured and for the right money, you can get your hands on it right away. Since 2019, Railways Shop (Hong Kong) have been the first licensed manufacturer exclusively for the T scale. There are many other manufacturers right at this moment and you can get them from many dealers like VCSHobbies, which is a dealer for all kinds of T gauge trains, accessories, layouts and etc based in the United States. 

Is T gauge right for me?

T gauge model trains are powered by regular 1.5-volt batteries or even a USB plug. This means the barrier for entry is really low when it comes to T gauge models and is perfect for the beginner model train hobbyist with very little space available.

If you are someone who wants to have the smallest model train set in your arsenal and want to make big layouts in a restricted space then T gauge will be the perfect choice for you.

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