The Pride of US – the GE Genesis ES44AC

The ES44AC-GE Genesis locomotive is part of the “Evolution Series” project, which is well-known for its powerful diesel engine. The GEVO series, also known as “GEVO” for short, features a high-thrust engine. As a result, this locomotive is well-liked all around the world. Let’s take a look at what this engine has to offer in the ES44AC-GE Genesis.

The history of the ES44AC-GE Genesis

GE Transportation System designed the Evolution Series diesel locomotive to comply with the US EPA’s Tier 2 locomotive emissions requirements, which went into effect in 2005. It was first created as pre-production in 2003.
The ES44AC-GE Genesis’ best feature is that it lets customers choose between AC and DC traction motors, based on their requirements. The makers, on the other hand, have used the GEVO engine. After 1972, this locomotive series is the only one to be included in Times Magazine’s “10 Locomotives That Changed Railroading” issue.

Since 2015, domestic production of this engine model has been halted. It may only be available for export. Furthermore, according to the Tier 3-complaints, exporting is not permitted for domestic purposes, and vehicles can only be towed to their final destinations after receiving authorization from the US EPA.

The engine in the ES44AC-GE Genesis

The GE ES44AC diesel locomotive engine has a six-axle, 12-cylinder, 4,400 horsepower diesel locomotive engine that generates a tremendous thrust. It employs alternating-current traction motors to assist the engine in achieving this level of force.

GE Transportation Systems was the first to introduce this locomotive engine to the market. They began producing this powerful locomotive engine in 2005 and have continued to do so ever since. Its capability is recognized since, like its competitor, the Electro-Motive Diesel SD70ACe, it meets the severe Tier II emission regulations of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The locomotive’s heart is a powerful 4,400 horsepower GEVO-12 diesel engine. It produces so much horsepower that it is likened to the AC4400CW, a 16-cylinder diesel engine from GEVO’s predecessor.

One of the factors that contribute to this engine’s popularity is its capacity to produce higher fuel economy and reduced pollutants. These are some of the most important characteristics of today’s globe. because we’re fighting to keep the world’s atmosphere intact.

BNSF and Union Pacific, among others, were among the early users of the GEVO locomotives and rostered pre-production units beginning in 2003. There are already approximately 1,000 ES44 series fleets operating on both roads.
When it comes to the BNSF fleet, the version with direct-current traction motors is standard (ES44DCs). Instead of the six alternating-current traction motors that were standard on the ES44AC, the subsequent variants feature four.

Current Status of the ES44AC – GE Genesis Engine

The ES44AC – GE Genesis engine is so popular that over 4,000 of them have been produced in the last decade. There are almost 5,000 of them in total from the actual line, which is still growing at a rapid pace.

They are still in high demand today, being one of the era’s most admired locomotives. Many different versions of this model are being developed for export to countries including Brazil, Kazakhstan, Australia, and Egypt.

What Engine is in an ES44AC- GE Genesis?

The ES44AC- GE Genesis comes with a 12-cylinder diesel GE GEVO engine that can generate up to 4,400 horsepower. This locomotive can reach the top of 72 to 75mph.

How long is an ES44AC- GE Genesis?

The ES44AC- GE Genesis locomotive is 22.30 meters long.

How many ES44AC- GE Genesis?

There are 236 units of ES44AC- GE Genesis ever produced and used in the railroad.

How much Horsepower does an ES44AC- GE Genesis have?

The ES44AC-GE Genesis’s engine can produce up to 4,400 horsepower.

What does an ES44AC- GE Genesis cost?

The estimated cost of the ES44AC- GE Genesis cost around $500,000. But the price can differ depending on the availability.

Are there other versions of ES44AC- GE Genesis?

This particular locomotive model is available in three variants- ES44DC, ES44AC, and ET44AC. All these models are the most successful freight locomotives in United States history.


The Evolution Genesis Series, built by GE Transport System, is one of the most influential locomotives in railroading history. It’s a watershed moment for such a locomotive engine because it’s the only locomotive launched after 1972 to be recognized in Trains Magazine’s “10 Locomotives That Changed Railroading” feature in the January 2009 issue. Cheers to the most popular and successful freight locomotives in American history.

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