GE Genesis AC4400CW – the First AC-Traction Diesel Engine Locomotive

The AC4400CW- GE Genesis is the locomotive that comes to mind first when you think of a locomotive with a single, high-powered AC-traction diesel engine. This locomotive, built by none other than GE, is one of North America’s most commercially successful AC-traction diesel locomotives. Let’s have a look at this article to learn more about this American locomotive!

The History of the AC4400CW- GE Genesis

The first model of this locomotive was released in 1994, and it quickly gained a large following. It’s a variation of the C44-9W “Dash 9,” a sort of DC-traction diesel locomotive, as stated in the introduction. The fact that this locomotive has an AC-traction diesel engine is one of the factors that has increased its popularity.

They designed this engine so that if a problem occurs, it simply inverts the DC that is fed to the traction motors using independent invertor banks for each traction motor. Unlike EMD, you can remedy the problem by cutting out the traction motors one by one. In EMD locomotives, the complete traction motor must be removed.

By the year 1998, this AC-powered engine had become quite common, with manufacturers creating three-phase AC power that is sent to the traction motors. The IGBT’s technology was included in the new AC4400CW- GE Genesis versions so that locomotives may profit from it. It’s also the first GE model to include a significantly more powerful microprocessor control system, allowing it to stand on its own rather than being part of the Dash 9 series at the time.

The Engine in the AC4400CW- GE Genesis

The AC4400CW- GE Genesis locomotive is powered by a diesel engine that can produce up to 4,400 horsepower. It was designed by GE Transportation System and uses AC traction motors rather than DC, with a separate inverter for each motor.

Current Status of the AC4400CW- GE Genesis

Although a few are still in operation for revenue services, most of them have been dismantled due to multiple accidents. The model ES44AC, on the other hand, was produced as a replacement.

What Engine is in an AC4400CW- GE Genesis?

The AC4400CW- GE Genesis locomotive is powered by a diesel-electric engine that produces 4,400 horsepower.

How long is an AC4400CW- GE Genesis?

The AC4400CW- GE Genesis locomotive is 22.30 meters long.

How many AC4400CW- GE Genesis is there?

GE has built a total of 2,834 AC4400CW- GE Genesis locomotives. Although some are still running, most have been dismantled for wrecking.

How much Horsepower does an AC4400CW- GE Genesis have?

The AC4400CW- GE Genesis can offer a horsepower of 4,400hp.

What does an AC4400CW- GE Genesis cost?

Although the exact price is not disclosed over the internet, it can be estimated that it can cost around $2 million like other traditional AC-engine locomotives.

Are there other versions of AC4400CW- GE Genesis?

The other versions of the AC4400CW- GE Genesis locomotive include the ES44AC, which was built to replace this particular model.


Another example of how locomotives have evolved through time is the AC4400CW- GE Genesis locomotive. As the first AC-traction locomotive, it signaled to other locomotive makers that now is the time to focus on developing a fuel-efficient yet powerful engine for their North American customers.

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