Can model train tracks shock you?

Short answer at the top for those wondering; probably not!

The locomotive body of model trains and the tracks that they go around on are generally manufactured out of plastic.

However, for some intricate detailing and scale model accuracy, conductive metals like copper or brass are sometimes used. Stainless steel is sometimes used for sturdy builds as well that. There are even special model trains with gold detailing on them.

The use of metallic parts on the model train and tracks means that it will be conducive to electricity.

In most cases, the engines of these model trains are powered by regular 12 V batteries. This might cause a significant amount of electricity to be running through the train tracks’ metallic part, if you’re not careful!

However, it’s nothing much to worry about. Since the train tracks are made of a longer length, the amount of electricity that passes through your body is very low when you accidentally touch the track while the model train’s engine is powered on. It’d do nothing more than tickle in most cases, if you could even feel it at all!

While it might not be as severe as to shock you, but the manufacturers advise taking minimal safety precautions. It’s basically the same as the electric shock risk involved in using day-to-day electronics like computers and televisions.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

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